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We are a team of professionals committed to boosting companies’ presence on social media through strategic and efficient management. Our services are designed to turn companies into success stories by achieving their brand objectives.

Social Media Management

Our service covers everything from strategy creation, planning, creation and execution for social media, as well as daily work, community interaction, weekly and monthly reporting, and active communication with your department. Our team will have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and objectives from day one.

How do we empower companies?

We empower companies to expand their brand worldwide. Our specialized social media department is composed of experts in each area who are responsible for planning, designing, and executing high-level strategies to achieve your brand’s digital positioning. Our goal is to build passionate communities and convert followers into loyal and profitable customers, which has led to a 97% success rate among our clients.

Social Media Manager

The strategist and leader of the department, who will establish clear objectives and metrics, create high-level strategies, and analyze results to continuously optimize your community's strategies.

Community Manager

Responsible for managing digital communities, executing strategies, interacting with followers, responding to questions and comments, and maintaining a good brand reputation.

Graphic Designer

Creates visually appealing and consistent posts to captivate your followers on social media.

Video Editor

Creates high-quality audiovisual content for your community by editing videos, animations, and other multimedia content for social media.

Guaranteed Digital Positioning

At ZutaEstudio, we offer guaranteed digital positioning for your company. We understand that online success is crucial for the growth and consolidation of your business, so we focus on providing effective and personalized solutions for each of our clients. 

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The analysis process at ZutaEstudio is a fundamental step in the marketing strategy of companies.

During this process, a thorough examination is conducted of the company, competition, and ideal customer (buyer persona).

This detailed analysis helps the company better understand its position in the market and identify opportunities to improve its online presence.

Examples of some strategies we perform:

Buyer persona

A semi-fictional profile that represents the ideal customer of a company.


The process of comparing and measuring the performance of a company against industry standards and competitors.

Gap Analysis

The process of identifying the gap or difference between the current state of a company and its desired state.


The strategy stage at ZutaEstudio is fundamental to establish the foundation for the implementation of the marketing strategy.

In this phase, specific objectives, timelines, and tactics are defined to reach the target audience, based on previous analysis of the company, competition, and buyer persona.

Establishing a clear direction and focus is essential to achieve success in the strategy, as it provides a roadmap for the implementation and execution of marketing tactics.

Value Proposition

This is a strategic technique for building unique promises and brands with high attraction and engagement power.

Content Strategy

This is the detailed plan that defines how content will be created, published, and promoted on a social network with the goal of achieving marketing objectives.

Objective Definition

Social media objectives are specific targets that a company aims to achieve in a defined period of time.

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The execution phase at ZutaEstudio is where the tactics defined in the previous phase are carried out.

These tactics can include a variety of strategies such as interacting with the target audience, online advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and social media, among others.

The key in this phase is to communicate with the target audience using key messages and monitor progress constantly to adjust execution as needed to ensure desired results are achieved.

Interaction Plan

Interacting on social media to increase engagement, loyalty, and brand reputation.


Improving social media presence by optimizing profiles, biography, images, and feed harmony to increase brand visibility and attractiveness.

Content Calendar

Planning and organizing content for social media on a monthly calendar.


The measurement phase at ZutaEstudio evaluates the results obtained from the execution of the marketing strategy to determine its success.

Various aspects are measured and analyzed, such as social media performance, conversion rate of advertising, and effectiveness of other strategies. A self-evaluation is conducted, and strategies are reconditioned if necessary to improve performance.

This phase is critical to determine if objectives are being met and to define the next steps.

Quantitative Report

This is a report generated from the analysis of performance metrics on a company's social media.

Qualitative Report

This seeks to know the sentiment of people towards the company, whether positive or negative, through the analysis of comments, opinions, and customer experiences.

Reputation Report

This is to evaluate if the brand has problems regarding its service or product and determine if its reputation is being affected.

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If you need to achieve challenging goals, you need a specialized team.


What our clients say

As the official advisor of ZutaEstudio, I’m glad to hear that our services have been instrumental in the success of Walmart Latinoamerica’s social media strategy. Our personalized approach and effective management of communities has made us a reliable strategic partner for your company.


It is great to know that our focus on data-driven results has been vital in increasing your company’s presence and engagement with customers. We are honored to have been a valuable partner in BBVA’s social media strategy as well.

Enlace Arquitectura’s success story is a testament to our commitment to our clients’ success. We are thrilled to have helped your company achieve a million followers and monetize within three years, despite a difficult niche. Our team’s dedication and focus on delivering results at every step of the process has resulted in making you a social media success story.

How ZutaEstudio Boosts Businesses?

With a customer-centric strategy, we achieve exceptional results. The key was creating quality content, active social media management, effective advertising campaigns, and close communication with followers.

250% - Follower Growth

140% - Total Engagement

54% - Increase in Customer Loyalty

75% - Revenue Growth


Fantastic Work Done by ZutaEstudio

Our experience working with ZutaEstudio has been exceptional in terms of helping us improve our social media presence. Their data-driven approach and constant pursuit of results have allowed us to strengthen our engagement with our customers, leading to greater reach and participation in our online community. We are grateful for their partnership and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their social media strategy.
— CEO of Zara

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We are the community management agency that empowers your community and helps you achieve your long-awaited goals.

ZutaEstudio was born with the mission of taking social media to another level of excellence, where achieving success is no longer a matter of throwing darts.

Alan Tapia | Chief Executive Officer

A team of specialists focused on propelling your brand into the digital world using high-level strategies.